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The concept of Max Payne Baseball Bat Challenge is simple: to only use the baseball bat (or, when it's not available, the lead pipe).

Playing this shooter only with melee weapons provides a different experience. It requires skill, timing, patience and luck.

Much of the game can be played this way. However trivial enemies and traps in the original gameplay become seemingly unsurmontable obstacles that can only be solved by exploiting otherwise insignificant details of the game mechanics. Like deactivating the lasers in Chapters 1 and 2 of Part III.


0:31 – Dodge enemy shots, then go in.

0:39 – Pick up baseball bat.


0:20 – Switch weapon to the lead pipe, since these first levels do not have the baseball bat.


2:50 – Stand back to let the enemies kill themselves with a badly thrown grenade.

3:09 – Enemy shots another with a shotgun.

3:14 – Enemies take shots from the one behind.


0:37 – Light up the propane tanks to take out all the enemies in the room.

2:02 – Hit the boiler and take a step back to avoid getting hit on its fall.


0:15 – Light up the propane tank. One enemy shots the other with a shotgun and dies from the tank explosion.

0:20 – Pick up the baseball bat.

1:09 – Use enemy as a shield for Muerte's Ingram.


0:44 – Jump down the stairs to get to the enemies before they reach their positions.

1:13 – Time the run to meet the enemy with the Dual Ingram when he reloads it.

2:44 – Roll through the room to avoid getting hit.

2:50 – First two enemies die in a grenade explosion.

2:57 – Wait for the remaining enemies at the door.


3:42 – Crouch and activate the Pyro Control to take out two enemies.

4:11 – Let the enemy run up the stairs to the end.


0:28 – Roll under the enemy throwing molotov cocktails after the first so he throws another on himself.

0:50 – Wait around this area for enemies from both sides. Other locations are prone to get them stuck in high places.

1:56 – Lupino throws a molotov cocktail on himself.


1:03 – Jump to the left and take a shortcut.


0:06 – Open the cabinet and take the painkillers.

0:16 – One of the enemies shots the other.

0:22 – Wait for the remaining enemies at the door.

0:48 and 0:53 – Take the painkillers.

2:29 – Hit Niagara while he reloads, crouching to avoid getting shot from the enemy behind the counter.


2:55 – The hardest part of the game with the baseball bat. There is an unreachable enemy that must be killed to open the way. This is done in a set of two moments: first have an enemy with a shotgun on the ground level, jump on him and roll on one of the boxes as they are too high to reach them with a normal jump, save ; next, jump from the box at the right moment and angle to make the enemy on the ground shot the otherwise unreachable enemy, save. Repeat.

5:37 – Have the shotgun enemy shot the wheel block stopping the truck.


1:21 – Jump down carefully to avoid taking damage from the fall.


0:30 – Wait for the enemies at the corner of the stairs.

1:01 – Wait for the enemies at the door.

2:25 – Reach the door, go back to have the enemy shoot with the grenade launcher.

2:25 – Enemy shots himself with the grenade launcher.


0:09 – Placed behind the laser, next to the wall to minimize the damage taken, take out the laser by hitting the charge.

0:19 and 0:49 – Pick up painkillers to heal the damage from the explosion.

1:42 – Enter the room to the right to make the enemy shot down the laser charge.


0:11 – Crouch to make the enemy leave his hiding place so he can be thrown onto the laser

0:41 – Pursuing enemy enters the previous room, full of lasers.

0:51 – Jump over the flame, as close as possible to the wall.

1:13 – Enemy shots the barrels blocking the door.

2:34 – Jump to make the enemy shot the laser charge.

2:46 and 2:50 – Pass by the lasers on the side opposite of their charges to deactivate them without taking damage.

3:08 – Enter the room with two sideway rolls, to make the enemy rolling to meet you meet the laser instead.


0:13 – Touch wooden plank to deactivate laser.

2:12 – Throw enemy onto the laser, and two more enemies start pursuing.

2:25 – Enemy shots down the laser, clearing the way for the two other behind.

2:32 – Roll sideways through the room to pass the first laser before it activates.

2:37 – Throw enemy onto the laser in front.

2:42 – One of the two following enemies deactivates the first laser of the room, clearing the way for the other one.

2:48 – Throw enemy onto the following laser and then jump over the last laser.


0:26 – Touch laser far from the charges for the shelves to fall over and open a way.

1:22 – Touch laser for the column to fall over, killing an enemy.

1:55 – Open half of the door and block the other half to take out enemies easily without taking damage.